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openfortivpn + SAML (SVPNCOOKIE) on Linux

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Bla bla bla, boring and very long introduction that no ones cares about.

Install openfortivpn from Debian's repositories:

sudo apt install openfortivpn

Open a web browser and log in to your organization's fortinet SSL-VPN portal. Right click anywhere on the page, Inspect, and go to the Network tab in order to copy the SVPNCOOKIE= cookie.

Now open a terminal and run:

sudo openfortivpn --cookie SVPNCOOKIE=....

And voila!

Sometimes the connection may fail with the following error:

ERROR:  Could not get VPN configuration (HTTP status code).

For some reason this often happens to me when I use Firefox to grab the cookie, however I have no problem with google-chrome. I haven't tested other browsers.

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